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We are closing the De Anza location and are moving to Santa Clara. The remaining inventory will be moved and will reopen on October 31. (Due to internet connection issues) The web site inventory will be corrected to show only what we have in stock, and pick ups will be by appointment. 

Thank all of you wonderful customers for the last 33 years, under my ownership and 69 years in total!

Vance, crew and Daisy (2009-2021)

About Us

Cupertino Bike Shop History

Our shop opened in 1953 with Spence Wolf as the owner. We have records dating back to 1954 — at which time we could sell a high end Cinelli road bike, complete, for $67.50! My, how times have changed…

Next time you visit the Cupertino Bike Shop for a tube, chain, or even a new bike, take some time to examine the large collection of bicycle memorabilia displayed between the bike parts. The walls are covered in pins, signed photos and jerseys, the shop’s original sign hangs from the ceiling, and Greg Lemond’s first professional racing bike hangs above the door.

Cupertino Bike Shop was opened in 1953, and started selling Gary Fisher mountain bikes in 1982. Today the shop carries mainly Specialized mountain bikes, as well as a large selection of road bikes, tandems, and bicycle parts and accessories.

Vance Sprock, the owner of the shop, is a road cyclist of some renown – Vance came third in the US National Road Championship (Junior Men) in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1976. Look out for Vance on his custom-made mountain bike if you ever ride the trails at Stevens Canyon or Fremont Older.

In the Community

Vance has always been into giving juniors with an interest in cycling a first-hand look into the industry, and each year we have a rotating handful of area high school students working after school and during winter and summer vacations. At any time, you may see Patrick Hecht, David Kalcic, or Nick Stathos working on the floor and helping customers. These are bright individuals with great skills and budding cycling knowledge as they work on their high school diplomas or college degrees.

Teams We Support

The Silicon Valley Triathlon Club (SVTC) is the South Bay’s premier multi-sport club. The Silicon Valley Triathlon Club is a great place for triathletes to meet other triathletes, find training partners and join in social gatherings. We have multiple weekly workouts to choose from, informal socials and terrific discounts from great sponsors.

We’ve sponsored Sunnyvale/Cupertino Bike Club for many years now. The club consists of a group of master’s racers, a few woman racers, a couple of up-and-coming junior racers, and some who are in it just for the thrill of the ride. The club ride leaves the shop every Saturday morning at 8:30 AM.

Shop Staff



Vance has been a cyclist since 1974, has raced with Greg LeMond, took 3rd in the National Junior Road and placed 4th in National Junior Cyclocross Championships. His first mountain bike was made in 1981. He’s a 4-time State Champion in the velodrome and won the Co-Motion Classic Tandem Stage Race. His resume also includes the Davis Double Century in 8 hours, 47 minutes! He purchased Cupertino Bike Shop in 1989 and has been the Jefe ever since! Vance’s other passion is sailing. In 2016 he raced his Cal 40 single-handed from San Francisco to Hawai’i, finishing first in class and first displacement hull over 150 (heavy boats). When asked, Vance refused to pick favorites, but his favorite manufacturer is Cervelo.



Everyone’s favorite little girl and Shop Queen, Daisy has been a staple around Cupertino Bike Shop for 8 years. If she’s not busy sunning herself, she can be found tagging alongside her dad offering moral support during bike fits and consultations. She’s no slouch, though – Daisy is a certified expert since she attended SBCU, Specialized Bicycle Component University. She loves chicken and treats.



Jaun has been racing to work and working to race bicycles since 1983. Juan’s father owned his own bike shop and was the Mexican National Road Champion in 1954. It’s safe to say that a career in the bicycle industry was Juan’s destiny, and he’s been living that dream his whole life. Juan was at Walt’s Cycle and Fitness in Sunnyvale for 14 years and came to Cupertino Bike Shop in 2006. Since 2006, Juan has worked his way up to Repair Shop Manager, and is one of the reasons why so many of our loyal customers keep coming back to us. Juan loves bicycles, and we love him (and his wife’s wonderful tamales)! His favorite bike is his Cervelo S5.

Greg Davis

Greg has been a customer of CBS since 1974, way back before Vance owned the shop! He is our resident history buff and his area of expertise lies in vintage bikes of the 60’s-80’s era of cycling. Greg’s favorite bike is his 1970 Cinelli SC, though he owns well in excess of 30 bicycles. His passion is clear from his love of vintage bicycles!

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